Solo Exhibition

Open Thu~Sun 13:00~19:00

ARMELLE KERGALL “Selfies 1920-2020”
Armelle Kergallは1978年生まれのフランス人写真家で、現在は東京を拠点に活動しています。彼女の作品は、家族の忠誠心、集合的な記憶、そして家族の内部構造を取り巻く隔世遺伝的な行動の概念を中心に展開しています。


祖父のAntoine Kergallは、Armelleが生まれる前に他界していましたが、彼女と同じようなこだわりを持っていました。ジャーナリストであり、戦争の英雄でもあった祖父の真の情熱は、Armelleと同じように、様々な場面で自分を演出して時の流れを捉えた写真を撮り続けることでした。


ARMELLE KERGALL  “Selfies 1920-2020”
Armelle Kergall, born in 1978, is a French photographer currently based in Tokyo. Her work revolves around the concepts of family loyalty, collective memory and the atavistic behavior surrounding the internal family’s structure.

In 2005, she started to portray her own family creating a series called “Anatomy of a French family”. As she went by, she realized that that some elements of her family’s past deeply resonated with her. Then, she decided to start to investigate her family tree and that is how she found, deep inside a closet, the first fragment of the gigantic photographic archive of her grandfather.

As it turned out, her grandfather, Antoine Kergall, who passed away before Armelle was even born, had the same obsession as hers. Even though he was a journalist and a war hero, his true passion was to constantly take pictures staging himself in different situations capturing the passing of time, exactly as Armelle does.

In this exhibition, Armelle presents a series of collages juxtaposing her grandfather’s “selfies” and her own, depicting their happy memories in parallel: birth, honeymoon, holiday events etc.