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Collins pocket Italian Dictionary (English 16064g, Italian 11969g)
2021©Makoto Morimura

森村 誠the Language Study Methods for the Beginners

SYP GALLERY は、2021 年4 月8 日(木)よりthe three konohana (大阪)との共同企画として、森村誠展“the Language Study Methods for the Beginners”を開催致します。

「言葉の重みを量ることは、語学初心者用の辞書でも、または学術的な辞書であっても、どんな辞書を使っても変わらず難しいことなのです。」森村 誠

1997年 大阪美術専門学校国際芸術学科絵画専攻卒業
2000年 英国国立ノッティンガムトレント芸術大学卒業





MAKOTO MORIMURA “the Language Study Methods for the Beginners

SYP GALLERY is pleased to announce the exhibition of Makoto Morimura, “the Language Study Methods for the Beginners,” from April 8, 2021. The exhibition will be held in collaboration with the three konohana (Osaka).

“It is always difficult to weigh the weight of a word, no matter what kind of dictionary you use, whether it is a beginner’s dictionary or an academic dictionary.”
— Makoto Morimura

Born in 1976
1997 Graduated from Osaka College of Art, Department of International Art, majoring in painting 
2000 Graduated from Nottingham Trent University of the Arts, UK 

In this exhibition, Morimura will present the latest works from his “Weighing Words” series, which he has been working on since 2012. He will also show past pieces.

What exactly does “weighing word” mean? This series of works was inspired by the simple question of weighing something that cannot be physically weighed. It originates from Morimura’s personal experience of meeting and actively communicating with many foreigners through his study in the UK during his university years and presenting his work abroad. 

In this work, Morimura carefully cuts out the letter “g” from every page of a bilingual dictionary, separates the pieces of paper by language, and locks them in a bottle. By counting the pieces of paper and reflecting the number in the title, he attempts to weigh the “weight of words,” which is essentially unmeasurable.

In today’s corona disaster, it has become difficult to travel back and forth between Japan and other countries, and opportunities to communicate directly with foreigners have rapidly decreased. On the other hand, with the shift to online communication, we have more opportunities than usual to handle text and words through social media and e-mail. In other words, no matter what the social situation or environment, it is natural for human beings to communicate with others. The “weight of words” is something that we have to face anytime, anywhere.

It takes Morimura a long time to create a single dictionary, on the order of years. We believe that the nature of the “weight of words” is evident in how he approaches the creation of his works by simply repeating the same actions in an unhurried manner. The title of this exhibition can translate into Japanese as “Language Learning Method for Beginners.” We hope that Morimura’s creative approach to the way we usually use dictionaries will allow us to go back to the basics of language learning in these peculiar times.