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KOJI OHNO “Reflections os Mass and Prayer”

Koji Ohno, born in 1971 in Tokyo, has worked extensively in Amsterdam and other European countries for more than ten years. He currently lives and works in Yokohama.
The key concepts in Ohno’s work are “a reflection on existence” and “a view of life and death”. Ohno considers and analyses how these concepts relate to the world. For this reason, after graduating from art school, he enrolled in medical school to continue his research on the relationship between anatomy and art.
Ohno’s work and expression is the result of his thought experiments integrated with site-specific culture and history.

In the artist’s own words: “my work it is about expressing a space in which to contemplate the forms of requiem for the ‘selection’ of the life of a body made up of material mass, and the forms of prayer of that soul.
Mass is the essential quantity that makes up matter, and the human body is made up of that matter.
If life is sustained by the human body, which is made up of matter, then can the spirit be identified with brain function?
Prayer is a communication with a supernatural being that is not governed by physical laws and has a great deal to do with religious spirituality.”

This exhibition examines and explores the idea of mass and prayer in order to confront the choices life makes in the course of human history.
First, as a form of prayer, the artist carved out the inside of a camphor tree to the utmost limit and hollowed it out to make a three-dimensional object to symbolize ‘spirituality’.
As an expression of “mass”, he hollowed out a model of a mass-produced “weapon” aircraft as a metaphor of three pairs of triptychs, as a requiem for the loss of life in the situation of “selection” and “triage” of the “material” incarnation of human life.