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三田村 光土里 「365 Encyclopedia」

1964年生まれの三田村は、国内外で「人が足を踏み入れられるドラマ」をテーマに、日常の追憶や 感傷をモチーフに写真や日用品などのメディアを組み合わせたインスタレーションを中心に発表を続 けています。近年は、ライフワークとして滞在型アートプロジェクト「Art & Breakfast」を世界各 地で開催していています。

本展では、2021 年の元日から毎日制作している百科事典を主役にしたコラージュ作品を展示しま す。三田村は、生まれ育った家にあった百科事典の第 1 巻から順に、1日 20 ページほどの範囲で目 についた写真や図を薄紙の上に描き写し、それらを重ねたり離したりして一枚の画を作り出します。
例えば、サの項目で「猿、サルトル」といった具合に、五十音順の繋がりで偶然に出会 ったモチー フが啓示のような必然を自動的に生成します。頁に刷られた活字を読み、画の意味を解く。このよう に、ファウンドローイングは出会ったもので構成する三田村のインスタレーションのプロセスを、そ のまま平面に置き換えた制作メソッドだと言えます。




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MIDORI MITAMURA “365 Encyclopedia”

Mitamura, born in 1964, has been exhibiting her works in Japan and abroad under the theme of “dramas that people can step into”, focusing on installations that combine motifs of everyday recollections and sentiments on media such as photographs or everyday objects. In recent years, as her life’s work, she has been holding the residency-based art project “Art & Breakfast” in various parts of the world.

In this exhibition, she will be showing a series of collages that she has been working on every day since January 1st 2021, where she uses the encyclopedia as the main subject. Starting with the first volume of the encyclopedia that was in her family house, everyday Mitamura reads about 20 pages of it, draws pictures and diagrams on the encyclopedia’s thin sheets, overlaps and separates them to create a single image.
Mitamura calls this method of drawing and making collages of found photos from books “found drawing”. By tracing the outlines of landscapes, people and things, as if to confirm the fact that they existed there, she hopes that the photographs and drawings used to convey information will take on a personality and begin to play a new role.
For example, in the section of the Japanese alphabet’s syllable “Sa” (サ), we can find right next to each other the words of Monkey (spelled “sa-ru” in Japanses) and Sartre (spelled “sa-ru-to-ru”) which automatically generates a revelatory inevitability of motifs encountered by chance in alphabetical order. “I read the print on the page and try to decipher the meaning of the picture”, so it can be said that the “found drawing” is a production method in which Mitamura’s process is composed of objects she encounters and are directly translated into a two-dimensional form.

Mitamura says, “Every day, I turn to the encyclopedia and follow the entries that cross the pages without context, and from point to point, my perspective and thoughts travel through abstract time and space. Every day, I don’t know what I can create. I enjoy “not knowing” as if it were the first place I visit on a journey. Even on days when I am not satisfied with my work, I accept that it is the picture of that day.”

We hope that this exhibition will bring you to a place that you first visit with Mitamura.

Exhibition supported by the Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation

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