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©Yusuke Shikano

⿅野 裕介「排水量21g」

2013-2014年「アンデパンダン展」/国立新美術館(東京)を皮切りに、2019年「東京インディペンデント2019」/東京藝術大学陳列館(東京)、2021年「中之条ビエンナーレ/やませ(神保家住宅)」(群馬)、また2021年には「Public Aortic aneurysm」/奥多摩町立せせらぎの里美術館(東京)において個展をおこない、表現の幅を広げています。




YUSUKE SHIKANO “Displacement 21g”

Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1992. 
2015  Graduated from Meisei University,  Department of Plastic Arts. 

During the last years, Shikano has participated in several exhibitions such as “Independents” at the National Art Center, Tokyo (2013-2014), “Tokyo Independent 2019” at the Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (2019), “Nakanojo Biennale / Yamase (Jinbo Family Residence)” in Gunma (2021), and “Public Aortic aneurysm”  at the Okutama Seseragi no Sato Museum of Art in Tokyo (2021), each of them helping to expand his range of expression. 

Shikano creates artworks that connect the “events that happen around us” and the “ones that do not happen around us”. For this reason, images such as “±0” and “neutralization” seem to wander near his thoughts.

In his last solo exhibition “Dig a grave hole” at SYP gallery in 2020, Shikano created works based on his childhood memories, his tautological approach to life, the advice from the people who came before him, as well as common feelings and worries. In the artist’s own words: “digging a grave is something that can be done while alive, and since I am a human being and I am always eager to live, I decided to think about what happens after death and started to create this new work.”
Fortunately, the grave that Shikano dug for himself was inside an unused closet hidden behind the exhibition space’s white wall that had been painted over many times. During that exhibition, he took the boards and wood pieces from the closet and decided to somehow build with them a boat that would glide across the water.

In the thick fog.
Where the water vapor intersected with the surface of the water in an unusual way,
in a space where I was the only one outside that gradation.
No hunger, no desire to sleep.

I don’t even know what time it is,
or how long I’ve been here.
No anxiety, no fear.
Because I am the only one here,
not even knowing if I’m happy.
Only mist, water, a boat and me.
And there I am,
with my life upside down,
surviving the afterlife on the buoyancy of death.