Solo Exhibition

Open Thu~Sun 13:00~19:00

“Saturn” 2021, paper, 72.0x102cm
© Misa Sudo

須藤 美沙 「巡りゆく星たち」

2005年 埼玉大学教育学部学校教育教員養成課程教科教育コース 美術専修卒業
2007年 同大学院教育学研究科教科教育専攻美術教育専修 修了



MISA SUDO “The stars that go around”

2005 Graduated with a degree in fine arts from Saitama University, Faculty of Education, School Education Teacher Training Course
2007 Completed the Master’s Course in Art Education, Graduate School of Education, Saitama University

For the past eight years, Sudo has been creating works using images of the universe and astronomical objects as motifs in an attempt to express the distant and physically inaccessible space. She is also interested in scientific observation through space telescopes, geological education and mythology. The main method of expression in her works is to poke holes in paper with pins making appear countless stars, galaxies, planets and other images . She shines light on the screen to emphasize the shadows and attempts to show the invisible light of the universe giving the work a three-dimensional feel and texture. Sudo herself observes the beauty of the cosmic formations and believes that she is shortening the distance between herself and the universe through the process.

In this exhibition, she illuminates her works depicting planets such as Saturn and Jupiter, as well as the underside of the moon with circling light, changing their fixed visual images to create a different expression of their appearance. These variations evoke the orbital motion of the stars, prompting us to consider the relationship between the earth and the stars and their existence. In a medallion-shaped work based on a Greek mythological god, the same image is painted on both sides of the screen to express a dichotomy as “good and evil” and the ambiguity and friction that lies between the two of them.