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Aritst reception 11.12(Sun) 17:00~20:00

© Sabrina Horak

SABRINA HORAK「私は山に登って, 決して後ろを振り返らない」

Sabrina Horak(サブリナ・ホーラク)


2002-2007年 ウィーン美術アカデミー絵画科卒業
2004-2010年 ウィーン大学日本研究科
2005-2007年 東京造形大学に交換留学
2014年-2017年 東京藝術大学美術研究領域博士課程後期美術専攻油画領域修了 博士号取得






SABRINA HORAK “I’m climbing a mountain and I’m never looking back”

Sabrina Horak

1983: Born in Mödling, Austria

2002-2007: MFA Painting class w/ Hubert Schmalix  and Amelie von Wulffen , Academy of fine arts Vienna
2004-2010: Japanese Studies, University of Vienna
2005-2007: Tokyo University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Painting class w/ Masami Kondo
2014-2017: Doctoral Course Oil Painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, w/  Mext Scholarship of the Ministry of Education Japan

In her work, Sabrina Horak is examining her identity and the numerous factors influencing it- religion, womanhood, her half Japanese-half Austrian heritage and being an artist.

Horak is mainly depicting herself, and in this series, her body becomes the literal mountain from the exhibition title. Small figures, that resemble Horak as well are climbing up or resting on the various body parts, taking a rest from their ascension, gazing into the distance.

The vividly colored works are executed on veneer wood that she first cuts in shapes with a jigsaw before painting them with Acrylics.
Then additional elements, such as the smaller human figures cut from wood or canvas, gold chains, tassels, screws, are attached to provide additional texture to the surface. Horak thinks that her work process of combining separate elements and uniting them in one piece of work- whether that might be on paper or wood-is a reflection of how she is trying to achieve unity between what feels are separate parts of her identity. A struggle, she is trying to share with the viewer in a visually stimulating and entertaining form.
The Ascension of the mountain is symbolizing Horak’s path through life. But what is awaiting at the top?