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中島 崇 個展「scope – 範囲-」

中島崇は1972年 東京都生まれ。
1994年 桑沢デザイン研究所 写真研究科卒業。





2022年 「VACANT」アトリエ裏空き地野外展/大田区, 東京
2022年 曲直 right or wrong KOCA/梅屋敷, 東京
2021年 Void/Valve/Volume さいたま市プラザノース/ 埼玉
2021年 水と風のひかり OTAアートプロジェクト<マチニエヲカク>洗足池/東京
2021年 JR宇和島運転区扇形車庫再生事業 みえるものとみえないもの展/宇和島, 愛媛 
2020年 交流の形 form of exchange <交換形式> /SHIBAURA HOUSE, 東京

2022年 ATAMI ART GRANT 2022/静岡
2021年 マツモト建築芸術祭/長野
2021年 ATAMI ART GRANT 2021/静岡
2020年 あおい風色 するがのくにの芸術祭 富士の山ビエンナーレ2020/静岡
2020年 つながりのさき JR EAST meets ART @ 高輪ゲートウェイFest/東京
2019年 石川町ストリートアートプロジェクト2019, 横浜
2019年 鉄工島フェス「IRON ISLAND FES」京浜島, 東京
2019年 寿町健康福祉交流センター「espace kotobuki」, 横浜
2019年 象の鼻テラス開館10周年記念展 「フューチャースケープ・プロジェクト」, 横浜

TAKASHI NAKAJIMA Solo Exhibition “scope”

Takashi Nakajima
1972 born in Tokyo, Japan
1994 Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo. Master course in photography
He was influenced by the minimal art of Judd, Brancusi and Daniel Buren in terms of color and shape design, as well as by the Japanese art movement Mono-ha in terms of relational terms, relationships and materiality.

Nakajima has been creating spatial works using a plastic film called stretch wrap to visualize part of the infinite relationships between people – objects – matters – places, etc., and through the transmission of light, its refraction, reflection and the casted shadows, he brings overlooked events back to the viewer’s consciousness.

In addition to these installations, last year he created an outdoor work with more strength and distance by using a polypropylene based material called PP band.
This year, for the first time, we will be presenting a work using stainless steel as the material. Stainless steel is not a temporary material, but a semi-permanent one and the scenery captured on its surface obscures its shape. The anti-corrosive properties of the stainless steel allow its use outdoors, letting the imagination go wild into the distance.

The title “scope” means range or area and can also be translated as gun sights.
In the artists words, “the installations I have created and exhibited so far have a physical starting point and an end point and I visualize the events in between. The process of determining the starting and ending points is like aiming with a scope and it is also an act of determining the scope and area of the exhibition”.

This solo exhibition consists of two parts: the first is an outdoors installation of plastic bands on the exterior walls of the gallery and the second consist of a minimal indoors installation made by stainless steel objects. The visitors may experience the synchronicity and relationship of new values through this exhibition.

A new Nakajima’s attempt to use stainless steel. We invite you to experience the difference in scale between the large installation outside and the more minimalist exhibition inside the gallery.

・Selected solo exhibitions
2022 “Vacant” outdoor installation in Ota (Tokyo, Japan)
2022 “right or wrong”KOCA(Tokyo, Japan)
2021 “Void/Valve/Volume”Saitama Plaza North(Saitama, Japan)
2021 “light of water and wind” Senzoku Pond(Tokyo, Japan)
2021 “visible & invisible”JR Shikoku(Ehime, Japan)
2020 “form of exchange” SHIBAURA HOUSE(Tokyo, Japan)

・Selected group exhibitions
2022 “ATAMI ART GRANT 2022″(Shizuoka, Japan)
2021 “MATSUMOTO Architecture + Art Festival”(Nagano, Japan)
2021 “ATAMI ART GRANT 2021″(Shizuoka, Japan)
2020 “Suruganokuni Art Festival/Fujinoyama Biennale”(Shizuoka, Japan)
2020 “Tsunagari no saki” JR EAST meets ART, Takanawa Gateway Festival (Tokyo, Japan)
2019 “ISHIKAWACHO STREET ART PROJECT 2019” (Yokohama, Japan)
2019 “IRON ISLAND FES 2019″(Tokyo, Japan)
2019 “espace kotobuki” (Yokohama, Japan)
2019 “ZOU-NO-HANA 10TH ANNIVERSARY”«Futurescape Project» (Yokohama, Japan)