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Open Thu~Sun 13:00~19:00

Aritst reception 2.25(Sat) 17:00~20:00

©︎ Cristian Boffelli

“La notte porta consiglio – The night brings advice”

クリスティアン ボッフェッリ

1972 年イタリア⽣まれ
ミラノブレラ国⽴美術⼤学 絵画科を卒業


古代⽂明において怪物が⽣まれるのは夜の世界であり、その闇と影は私たちが幼い頃から本能的に抱いてきた恐怖のイメージを⽣み出すのです。 そのような前提のもと、今回制作した「獣」シリーズでは、ボッフェッリの暗い想像⼒から⽣まれたその姿に、怪物的でない次元を与えようと試みているのです。 このテーマに関連し、ボッフェッリはそのトレーニングのためにヒエロニムス・ボスからゴヤ、フランシス・ベーコンまで多岐にわたる参考⽂献を研究しました。


クリスティアン ボッフェッリの⼒強い線で表現された暗い想像⼒から⽣み出された怪物たちを是⾮、ご⾼覧ください。

<協力> イジチシルクスクリーン

Born in 1972 in Italy
Graduated from the Department of Painting, National University of Fine Arts, Brera, Milan
Currently based in Tokyo and Milan

Boffelli’s consistent theme is the “figure” of animals, humans and other living creatures. The ever-changing and shifting “forms” are twisted and turned, becoming almost indistinguishable and thus regaining a strange and familiar appearance. To construct this “form” on a neutral plane, his medium of expression is only a resolute black line.

The title “The night brings advice” is the key to understanding his idea of ​​the nocturnal world. It is in the nocturnal dimension that monsters are born in almost all ancient civilizations, the darkness and its shadows generate images that have instinctively frightened us since we were little. Starting from this premise, in this series of “beasts” that Boffelli have created, he tries to give a non-monstrous dimension to the figures born from his dark imagination. Historical references relating to my training as an artist, relating to this theme, range from Hieronymus Bosch to Goya and Francis Bacon.
In addition to the works, a large lamp is installed which will symbolically signal the path to follow among these “creatures”.
All the works were created with the screen printing technique in a tailor-made laboratory in Kyoto for the space of SYP gallery.”

We invite you to visit the monsters born from the dark imagination expressed in Cristian Boffelli’s powerful lines.

Works produced in collaboration with Ijichi-Silk-srceen (Kyoto).