Solo Exhibition

Open Thu~Sun 13:00~19:00


小曽川 瑠那 「折織のけしき 2020-2023」

小曽川瑠那は 1978 年 愛知県生まれ
2002 年 武蔵野美術大学造形学部工芸工業デザイン学科プラスチックコース卒業
2006 年 富山ガラス造形研究所造形科卒業
2008 年 富山ガラス造形研究所研究科修了
金沢芸術創造財団 金沢卯辰山工芸工房(-‘11.3)



メイン作品である《息を織る》は、2014 年に病気を患ったことで、自身の生の記録(息の痕跡)を残したいという考えをきっかけに始まり、一時中断した後、コロナ禍を契機に 2021 年より制作を再開しました。同時に、日常生活の制限がなされる中で、いつもと変わらぬ自然の営みに心動かれ、自宅周辺の風景写真を撮りはじめます。これらの行為を積み重ねることで、自分自身がこの土地に生かされていると感じ、息を吹き込んだガラスの玉と風景写真で構成された《息を織る -May2021》が完成しました。 息の形を記録するという意図から生まれた吹きガラスには、息を吹き込んだ日の日付が刻まれており、キャンバスに書かれた数字は撮影場所の座標であり、日付順にレイヤーされた写真は本展のタイトルが示すように、日々の積み重ねを表しています。また、本展の英語タイトルである”Tracing the Scenery”は、これらの風景を「辿る、求める、描く」という意味で付けられました。小曽川によって透明なガラスの中に刻まれた時間、風景、記憶を是非ご高覧ください。

RUNA KOSOGAWA “Tracing the Scenery”

1978 Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
2002 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Plastic Course
2006 Graduated from Toyama Institute of Glass Art, Glass Certification Studies Program
2008 Graduate from Toyama Institute of Glass Art, Advanced Research Studies Program
2008 Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo, Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation (-‘11.3)

Transcending the boundaries between crafts and contemporary art, Kosokawa creates works using glass, describing glass as “a material that can trap time forever,” and believes that there is beauty in things that have changed over time and in things that are fragile and seem to disappear.

After moving to Hida Takayama, Kosokawa says she has been fascinated by the rich nature of the land and the local lifestyle that has been nurtured over a long period of time. On the other hand, as she becomes more familiar with social issues such as depopulation in rural areas, she is also concerned about how to preserve the memories of everyday life and the land, such as things that fade away, physical memories, and customs. She views glass, which does not deteriorate over time, as a recording medium for storing ephemeral lives and memories, and continues to record invisible and changing things such as lives, memories, and landscapes through glass.

In this exhibition, she attempts to visualize the changes in her surroundings and the new perspectives that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The main work, “Weaving Life,” began with the idea of leaving a record of her own life (traces of breath) after she became ill in 2014, and after a short hiatus, she resumed production in 2021, triggered by the pandemic. At the same time, while her daily life was being restricted, she was moved by the unchanging scenes of nature and began taking photographs of the landscapes around her home. Through the accumulation of these actions, she felt herself being kept alive by the land, and completed “Weaving Life – May 2021,” consisting of a glass ball with her breath breathed into it and landscape photographs. The glass balls are inscribed with the date of the day they were blown, and the numbers on the canvas are the coordinates of the location where the photos were taken. The title “Tracing the Scenery” means “tracing, seeking, and painting” these landscapes. We hope you will enjoy the time, scenery, and memories etched in the transparent glass by Kosogawa.