SYP GALLERYは2020年4月から吉野祥太郎(作家)、JAVIER CASAS(建築家)、原田雄(ギャラリスト)の3人によって共同運営されているコマーシャルギャラリーです。



SYP Gallery is a commercial gallery run in collaboration by Shotaro Yoshino (artist), Javier Casas (architect), and Yu Harada (gallerist) since April 2020.

The gallery’s space is the same that Yoshino previously managed for 6 years as an artist’s run space. Thanks to this background, our project not only includes to create a commercial gallery, but to support it’s artist’s independence while showing the vitality of our curation to the international market.

Three people with different scope of skills and personalities putting our thoughts together generating new synergies; we aim to develop a gallery that can demonstrate unprecedented values and show the diversity of the contemporary art.


SYP Gallery
〒162−0065 東京都 新宿区 住吉町10−10
10-10 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Open Thu〜Sun 13:00〜19:00